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Localversity® helps both residents and visitors better learn about an area.

Localversity is a platform to share experiences -- locally & around the world.

We also help answer the fundamental question we each must ask: Why Live Where?


We focus on each place as a local brand to understand & enjoy.


For example, analyzing & promoting Winthrop Massachusetts, USA:



or to understand Stockholm, Sweden:




We actively engage with the local environment via our five iconic courses.

The first course (on Place Appeal) introduces the others; it's available online.

Find why the local area is special from viewpoints of history, nature, economy, foods, etc.


We're a catalyst to local people & resources. We support artisans & local creativity.

Help our grass-roots networks as we generate remarkable discoveries.

We work effectively with both existing operations & new ventures.

Experience new vigor & more opportunities with place appeal.



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Meet new friends, Enjoy local fun

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Bruce Henry Lambert